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Sponsors: IES Standards TC
Co-sponsors: IES Industrial Agents TC, Industrial Informatics TC


IES Standards Interoperability and Plugfest, IEEE 1451 Sensor Networks Standards, IES Standards Working Group Sessions. A New Automotive Cluster has been introduced in the last edition. 


• Provide the IES standards community with verification and validation platforms for the standards so the community can test their development of their applications to these benchmarks, ensuring compliance and interoperability to their systems in IES Fields of Interest 

• Encourage industry partners to participate in IEEE Standards by providing verification and validation platforms for standards compliance and interoperability in the industry context.

• Provide demonstrations and prototypes for interoperability and standards.

Introduce IECON 2021 conference participants with exposure to standards development efforts in IES, in collaboration with other societies, show and propagate IES sponsored standards family’s progress in industrial electronics and IoT/IIoT/CPS harmonization
Long Term objective: Provide stable or permanent verification and compliance Centers of Expertise (COE) for industry and academia use, distributed globally under IES Standards support. (e.g. Europe, Asia, So. America, USA)

                           PROGRAM COMMITTEE: 
                             Antonio Espirito-Santo 
                            Allen Chen
                                            Valeriy Vyatkin VP TA - IES
                                     Peter Palensky Gen. Chair IECON
                            Dietmar Bruckner
                       DEMO COMMITTEE:
                          Kim Fung Tsang
                                                Victor Huang
                                     STDS SESSION COMMITTEE:
                                                  Allen Chen
                         Akshay Rathore(automotive)                                                  Paulo Leitao

1. INTEROP Plugfest (Demos, conference w/o reception, banquet): € 550 INTEROP Rate
2. Full IECON Conference (includes INTEROP Plugfest) : Full regular IECON fee Register using the INTEROP registration section.