Students & Young Professionals

IES-SYPA Contest

CALL for 3M Video's

3-minute video competition results will be announced by Wednesday 20-September

The rules to prepare the 3M video:

  1. The length should be exactly 3 minutes even 1 second more is not tolerated.
  2. Avoid using PowerPoint slides for most of the video. Only up to 30% of the video (1min) can be from the presentation slides.
  3. At least the first 3 seconds should be devoted to the paper title, authors, affiliations, etc.
  4. At least the last 3 seconds should contain the acknowledgment to IEEE IES for the SYPA!
  5. The video file should be sent through sharing websites like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. (just send the link to download) and never attach the file in the email.
  6. Send the following information in the email. They will be added to your video information in IES YouTube Channel.
  1. Running title, less than 50 characters that would be the name of your video on IES YouTube Channel
  2. Paper title, authors names, affiliation
  3. Paper abstract
  4. Any other information you like to have about your video in YouTube page
  5. Email subject should be exactly as your nameConference name – SYPA – 3M Video

Example: Hani Vahedi – IECON2022 – SYPA – 3M Video


All SYPA applicants should prepare a video and send it according to the described rules above. Please send the email by 20th-August to ( and CC to ( They will be reviewed by the committee members. Each video will receive some scores based on its impact, creativity, style, presentation, video quality, etc. The ones with highest scores will be selected as the winners for SYPA. The winners’ videos will be uploaded on IES YouTube Channel, and you will receive an email including the link to your video on IES YouTube Channel. You should copy that link to the IES Facebook Event page of the conference and wait for the thumbnail to appear, then post it!!! Moreover, you should similarly post the link of your video to the IEEE Collabratec.

The direct link to the Facebook event page and IEEE Collabratec Group will be provided later.


Not for Online Events - Don’t forget to bring your video file to the 3M Video Session. The video will be displayed on a large screen, and you will be talking for the audiences during that 3 minutes. So your speech should be very brief and informative.

All information (including the place, date and time) for the 3M Video Session and the ceremony to receive the Diplomas will be announced by the first day of the conference.



Some tips to prepare your video:


  1. The idea of 3M video session is to help students learning how to advertise their project for public and promote the Authors. Whether your work is just theoretical or by simulations, you are expected to prepare the movie interactive, live and interesting for the viewers. Record some minutes from running results in the software, during simulation or practical tests.
  2. Record some videos from your hardware design or even software results (e.g., the screen of your computer) while they are running. At least 70% of your video should include interactive parts and not solid slides.
  3. It is recommended to present the work with your own voice during the video recording. Please present it in a different way than a PowerPoint presentation. Your video will be on IES YouTube Channel and should attract the viewers.
  4. Showing some information on the video using simple texts as subtitles is also recommended. Note that the voice is useful for the YouTube viewers, however, during the conference it will be replaced by your 3M speech. The video will be displayed with no sound. (Not for Online Events)
  5. For online events, the video will be displayed by the host. So your presentation recorded on the video is helpful.
  6. Sometimes background music could make your video much more interesting.
  7. The audience already saw your paper presentations so be different in your videos.
  8. Try to make the people interested in your videos. Devote some seconds of the video to your office, lab, any places that you are working in and show the stuff you are using for that project, introduce co-authors, supervisors, explain motivation, etc.
  9. The 3M video does not need to show the details of your work. Some concepts are enough to attract people’s attention. Deep theoretic and mathematics are not useful to advertise your project for people with different interests.
  10. Note that the video should be alive and interactive. Static pictures do not interest anyone. Find gif or flash images from the Internet.


Here you can watch a good example of 3M video recorded at MIT.

Take a look at other videos posted by students for SYPA at the following links:

Hani Vahedi

Co-Chair of 3M Video Session

On behalf of the Students and Young Professionals Committee